Owner manuals

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Watch care

To make sure your Bastian Antoni watch runs correctly and gives you full satisfaction for many years to come, we advise you to carefully read the points below.


Your Bastian Antoni watch is waterproof up to 5 ATM (50 meters / 165 feet). This water- resistance protects the interior of your watch from moisture, dust and of course water.
Important: When you immerse your watch in water, never pull out the winding crown. This could allow water to enter the watch and damage its interior components.


Our watch is designed to withstand normal magnetic fields encountered in everyday life. Nevertheless, avoid placing your watch near electronic devices that generate strong magnetic fields, as this may affect its performance.

Chemical products

Always avoid direct contact with chemical products as industrial detergents or solvents, as well as perfumes and cosmetics. These products may damage the leather of the strap or the seals of the watch.


Always make sure the crown is fully pushed back in its original position 1, after using the crown for setting the time. This ensures the water-resistance of your watch and prevents dust and dirt from entering the watch.

Leather strap

Always avoid contact with water, acidic or greasy substances to maintain the leather strap in good condition as long as possible. Avoid prolonged exposure to UV-rays or sunlight, as it may affect the color of the leather.


We advise you to not wear your watch during activities that can cause strong vibrations on your wrist, such as tennis, golf, mountain biking, etc. Avoid your watch from strong vibrations as this potentially might damage its interior movement.


Extreme temperatures (above 50°C/122°F, or below 0°C/32°F) should be avoided at all times. Exposure to such temperatures can affect the liquidity/viscosity of the lubricants inside the watch. A mechanical watch is sensitive to severe or quick changes in temperature.

Regular maintenance

An automatic watch is a delicate object that occasionally requires care and attention. We recommend having the movement cleaned and lubricated regularly (at least once every three years), by a certified watch repairer.