About Bastian Antoni

Peter Bastian and Robert Antoni were brought together by their mutual passion for designing, building and marketing an idea of the perfect modern Swiss time piece that they themselves could afford. Four years later, after gathering and collaborating with teams of experts, their research and tireless commitment to this shared dream resulted in the proud ownership of their own Swiss watch brand.

All watches at Bastian Antoni are produced in state-of-the-art facilities in Switzerland by the most experienced watchmakers who craft the timepieces under the strictest quality control standards. Our watchmakers use the finest materials, such as sapphire crystal glass, low carbon stainless steel and high quality hands and indexes. The reliable automatic movement beating heart of each watch is Swiss made and is famous for its excellent reputation.

As a Bastian Antoni customer, you are in good hands. Customer service is our highest priority. Bastian Antoni is committed to the needs and requirements of the Bastian Antoni wearer. When you decide to wear one of our watches, Bastian Antoni will make sure that you are a proud and satisfied one!