About the heart

The Open Balance of our Swiss Made Bastian Antoni watch is the heart of the watch. The dial shows the visible balance (escapement and balance wheel) that releases the energy stored in the watch's barrel.

The most important part of the balance is the balance spring (hairspring) itself. This Nivatronic® balance spring moves exactly four times per second (4 Hz) back and forth and drives the clock. This is reflected in the second hand that appears to move smoothly with four small steps per second. The balance spring is an alloy of iron, nickel, beryllium, manganese, silicon and carbon. This unique composition means that the balance spring is minimaly affected by temperature fluctuations ensuring its reliability and precise time regulation to its absolute best.

The most important part, the balance, is also the most vulnerable part. The ends of the axel are only a few tenths of a millimeter thick and carry the entire weight of the balance. With 28,800 movements per hour, this part has a lot to endure. To protect the balance, the movement features an Incabloc® shock protection system. This consists of two spring-loaded synthetic rubies that protect the precious balance from any shock.

We are proud of the Open Balance movement. That is why our unique and stylish open dial design allows it to be viewed and admired.